Sunday, 13 April 2008

If it’s broke then please fix it!

And Publicis Boss, Maurice Lévy says it’s broke!. He spoke of “huge challenges ahead for the industry. The very model of our industry is being called into question the model nowadays is no longer valid, no longer relevant.”

Perhaps he should be telling this to the head of the IPA and AAA as they appear to be saying different things about the effectiveness of advertising in its current form.

The only point of difference that I have with Mr Lévy is that he attributes this to the development of digital, it is not. It is to do with the advertising industry being totally unable to understand the meaning of the word “communication”.

After all “digital” is merely a facilitator, understand what communication is really all about and then you can have highly effective advertising communication.

And the really terrible aspect of this whole story? The answer to the problems facing the advertising industry, problems, for example, like total unaccountability, clutter, declining audiences and attentiveness would all be made to disappear if they really understood the word "communication"!, as research has already proved.

The dreadful fact is that the advertising industry totally rejected this proven technique years ago and now finds itself in very poor shape to day.

So now I guess we have to wait while the IPA et al hastily draft papers containing questionable research which denounces the renegade Lévy!

There's only one way to solve the problems of Advertising - Interactive Marketing Communication!

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