Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Conversations with Advertising!

Effective Accountable Communication
That substantially increases the R.O.I of your marketing budget, through the development of intimate relationships with your customers.
How do we do that?
With four key areas within which we develop successful communication programmes on your behalf:
· The preparation of two-way "conversations".
· The selection of the medium(s) to carry these "conversations".
· The analysis of the response and feedback.
· The analysis of the sales effect and recommendations based on findings.
We have developed proprietary applications that enable us to hold "conversations" with your target market and then analyze shoppers’ habits to determine how to achieve increases in sales, now and in the future.
The feedback creates a database, whereby we are able to segment your retail market on the basis of shopper behavior.
Customer Relationships.
The aim is to facilitate stronger relationships with your end user, using the power of "two-way conversations" with your customers.
This makes current advertising and marketing more responsive and more effective.
Through the application of our communication technique to classical marketing and advertising, it makes this more effective and more cost efficient.
Examples of Accountability and Effect.
Colgate Palmolive Toothpaste, a 25% uplift in sales.
Quaker Oats, a 38% uplift in sales.
Kellogg's All Bran, a 30% uplift in sales.
Nestle Maggi, a 233% uplift in sales.
Unilever Rexona, a 90% uplift in sales.
Pfizer Plax Dental Rinse, a 200% uplift in sales.
LA Times, a 3% increase in circulation.
Unilever Persil, a 8% increase in sales.
British Airways Executive Club, a 33% response and a 3% lift in bookings.
Quaker Oatso Simple, a 15% increase in sales and a 10% increase in trial.
Natwest phone banking, a 48% uptake in use and a 54% return of lapsed users.
The People
Paul Ashby: has been pioneering this new form of "conversations in advertising" for the past twenty-five years. Through this experience he has a unique insight
into what your customers want to say to you and how to communicate with them to change attitudes and behavior, manifesting in increased sales and increased brand loyalty.
Paul has written "conversations in advertising" for many blue chip companies in Australia, Japan, USA and UK. He wrote and produced the world’s first regularly scheduled consumer participation TV Game Show, on behalf of P & G on Channel 7in Manila, The Philippines, taking the viewing audience rating from 6 children to 54 adults.
Alan Kirkland: has held a number of senior positions within the regional and national newspaper industry, in advertising and marketing through to MD level. He has held Account Director positions within the Advertising Agency and Sales Promotion sectors and launched the first FSI – The Coupon Book – in the UK.
Apart from a wide experience in sales and marketing, Alan has a knowledge and awareness of print and distribution and has many senior contacts within these fields.
He has worked on several programs in the UK, converting "conversations in advertising" to sales.
Contact Numbers: Alan, Tel: 01276-62325 or email: capnkirk@ntlworld.com
Paul: Tel: 01934-620047 or email: paul.ashby@yahoo.com

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