Sunday, 10 February 2008

How to avoid getting left behind with the dinosaurs and cooking the

Sunday Lunch!

Perhaps this little anecdote perfectly sums up what can easily happen
to stymie progress in advertising/marketing or life generally. And perhaps why youngsters in advertising to day find it difficult to step out and challenge the orthodoxy! By the way forgive me if you have already heard it, it still is a good illustration as to why we have problems in advertising these days!

The story, as I was told it, goes that a newly married man sees his wife
trimming off the last few inches of a large joint of meat before she
puts it in a baking tray for their Sunday lunch.

Never having seen meat prepared this way he assumes that it is
something to do with ensuring the meat is extra tasty so says nothing, however after a few weeks of seeing this he asks why his wife does it.

She explains that this is how her mother taught her to roast the meat,
she doesn't know what the secret is but there is a good reason for it!

A few weeks later the couple are eating with the wife's parents and he
asks his mother-in-law why she cuts the end off the meat before putting
it in the roasting tin. She tells him that she doesn't know but that
she remembers seeing her mother do it.

So a few weeks later he gets the chance to ask his wife's Grandmother
why she cuts the end off the meat, is this in fact the secret to a great

Her reply is simple, her husband always used to bring home a piece of
meat that was far too big for the roasting dish so she always had to cut
the end off to fit in the oven!

So here's the thing, so often we do things just because we always have
or worse, because other people always have. We don't stop to think
about why we do things and ask ourselves if this is the best way. Often it
used to be the best way but things have changed and we have never
reviewed what we are doing.

My advice is to question everything that you do and ask if this is the
best way in the current circumstances and with the technology
available. If you don't know then test different approaches and see if what you are doing is still the best approach

And never be tempted NOT to do things just because nobody else does or
because some body who has no experience but big opinions tells you that
you shouldn't!

Best of luck

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